About Us

Little Tree’s programs are developed with the goal of providing each child with the best possible first experience away from Mom and Dad.

Our curriculum is based on Christian values which assist our students in developing the self-confidence they need for success. Our bright and cheerful classrooms encourage our students to become actively involved in learning by touching and exploring the world around them. Little Tree Preschool’s age appropriate playground provides children the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills as they climb, play and interact with their peers.

Little Tree Preschool is proud to offer developmentally appropriate programs for all children regardless of their religious beliefs.

Please take a moment to look at the happy faces taken around Little Tree Preschool.

Little Tree Preschool is a mission of the Allentown Presbyterian Church.
LOCATION:  20 High Street, Allentown, NJ 08501 (directly across from the Newell Elementary School)
CONTACT:    Jill Kurzeja (Jill@AllentownPresbyterian.org, (609) 259 – 9005, or send her a message
from the contact form)