Little Tree Facts

Little Tree Frequently Asked Questions . . .

1. Where is Little Tree Preschool located?
20 High Street, Allentown, NJ (directly across from the Newell Elementary School) at the Allentown Presbyterian Church.

2. How long has Little Tree been in existence?
Little Tree opened in January 2002. Our mission is to provide a high quality preschool for the children of Allentown and the surrounding communities.

3. Can I still enroll my child if I do not attend the Allentown Presbyterian Church?
Little Tree Preschool welcomes children of all faiths; you do not have to be a member to attend our school.

4. How many students attend Little Tree Preschool?
Little Tree Preschool has an average of 115 children enrolled each year.

5. Is Little Tree Preschool licensed?
Little Tree Preschool is licensed by the State of NJ and is subject to all of the State’s rules and regulations. Little Tree is inspected by the State on a regular basis and exceeds all of the States requirements.

6. What is the student to teacher ratio?
Little Tree Preschool’s student to teacher ratios average 6:1 which is lower than required by the State of New Jersey.

7. Does Little Tree Preschool have a security system?
Little Tree Preschool has a state of the art security system. Our doors are open during drop off and pick-up and are automatically locked while school is in session. Parents are always welcome to visit our school by ringing the doorbell located outside each entrance.

8. Does Little Tree Preschool go on school trips?
Little Tree Preschool schedules 2 school trips per year; one in the fall and another in the spring. Parents and siblings are invited to attend the trips with their preschool child. Our 4 year old students take an additional walking trip into Allentown as they learn about Community Helpers.

9. What is the teacher turnover rate?
Staff retention rates are a great insight into the success of a preschool program. At Little Tree we are proud of the fact that our staff retention rate is excellent. On average, our teachers have been employed at Little Tree for over 8 years.

10. Do Little Tree students have snack time?
All Little Tree Preschool children enjoy a snack each morning. Snacks are provided by Little Tree Preschool however each family is asked to donate a bottle of juice and water as needed by their child’s class.

11. What is the cost of Little Tree Preschool?
Little Tree Preschool’s tuition is based on the number of days a child attends. For annual rates, please contact the office at (609) 259-9005.

12. Does Little Tree Preschool offer any tuition discounts?
Little Tree offers a 5% discount for annual and semester payments. Discounts are also available for multiple siblings and for active members of the Allentown Presbyterian Church.

13. Does my child have to be potty trained in order to attend Little Tree Preschool?
Little Tree does not require children enrolled in our 2 ½ & 3 year programs to be potty trained. All children develop at their own pace therefore, the staff will work closely with each family to provide a positive potty training experience. Children in the 4 year old program must be completely potty trained and self-sufficient in all toileting procedures.